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Freaking out the middle-schoolers

On MySpace, I'm da bomb with the junior high crowd. I have my best friend's kids on there, a bunch of the boys from our old soccer team and a few other friends and acquaintances. So, I have to kind of temper what I do on there.

Recently, I added the PlayList music player to the page. I'm sure the kiddos who swing by think I'm psycho. Here is a small sampling of the 100 or so songs I have on there:

Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins
Bodies - Drowning Pool
I feel for you - Chaka Khan
She's Every Woman - Garth Brooks
Woman in Chains - Tears for Fears
Rich Girl - Hall and Oates
Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake
Shake, Shake, Shake (Shake your booty) - KC and the Sunshine Band
Annie's Song - John Denver
P.I.M.P. - 50 Cent
Ride Wit Me - Nelly
Instanbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants
Whole of the Moon - The Waterboys
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Close to You - The Carpenters
Knowing Me, Knowing You - Abba
Fool's Gold - Stone Roses
Stand and Deliver - Adam Ant
Turning Japanese - The Vapors
Jungle Love - The Time

I think I listed some of the other songs when I first got the PlayList ... but these are just some of the additions. I like to call myself eclectic. But, I'm not sure if that is the right word. :)


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