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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Another one bites the dust

Attention bad guys:
Us homeowners and business owners, we're fed up with you targeted us and stealing our shit. We worked hard for that stuff. We've sacrificed time with our families to go to work. We've stayed up late to make deadlines. We've worked on weekends and missed our kids' youth sports games. We've done this to make a better life for ourselves and we're not going to put up with you lazy assholes breaking into our homes and taking what we've earned.

So, before you step foot on my property with the intent to steal something, you may want to think twice. In Texas, many of us are armed and we know how to use our weapons. And, by God, if you even think about it with many of us, we'll make sure you don't victimize anyone else.

The Dallas Morning News: Earlier this year, Texas lawmakers approved the Castle Law, which removes any obligation for a crime victim to retreat before responding with deadly force when faced with an intruder in his or her home, vehicle or business. Despite the new legislation, Sgt. Lewis said he would not describe the series of shootings as a trend, nor did he believe the law had empowered more people to shoot to kill. “We get them over the year from time to time,” Sgt. Lewis said of intruder shootings. Dallas police recorded more than 14,400 residential burglaries last year.

14,400 reported residential burglaries. That probably doesn't count all the ones that people don't bother to report since the 5-0 doesn't care alot of the time. (Don't get me started on the way the Arlington Police treated me when my car was broken into.)

But, people are fed up. We're tired of being ripped off. Kudos to the homeowner, who - after being alerted by his pet bird of the bad guy's arrival - sent him to meet his maker and face Him for his criminal ways.

Bad guys, you have been warned. Yet another shallow-ender removed from the gene pool. Score one for the good guys.


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