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Playing on the big field

Blackwatch's soccer club had the opportunity to do a training session today on the Pizza Hut Park pitch where FC Dallas plays. It was really cool to see the boys out there playing. Hot Rod was really excited about it.
They had lots of drills, but no scrimmages, which frustrated him. He is more about playing than training. *sigh*
He has some powerful legs, though.
The 99 boys team was there. All but one kiddo was present. Look at those big smiles! The entire Blackwatch program lined the field to welcome FC Dallas when the players entered. Hot Rod got to shake everyone's hands! I made it on to the big screen. :) I also had Carlos Ruiz, Dominic Oduro and Dax McCarty (among others) walk right next to me. *heart thumping.*
KC Wizrds star Eddie Johnson came out to greet Coach Chad (pony tail boy) before the game. Apparently, coach was on the US National team back in the 90s and lots of these players know him. Pretty impressive.
And, I walked right by Drew Moor getting interviewed before the game. Oh my, is he cute? FC Dallas lost 2-0, but we had fun in spite of it. I love going to the FC Dallas games. I think this team has moved up to my second favorite sports team behind the Cowboys. The Rangers are just too crummy and it costs a small fortune to take our kids to a game. We can do a FC Dallas game for much cheaper, no parking fees and it is way closer to home. Plus, our car hasn't been broken into at a FC Dallas game either. That all factors in. Guess I need to break down and get an FC Dallas jersey sometime soon.


  • At 2:55 PM, October 21, 2007, Blogger Lisa said…

    Oooh-weee!! That does look like fun! A couple of our club teams (older divisions) have traveled out to play there, maybe we'll get a turn we E's older. If so, we will definitely have to get together!


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