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Till Death or Fantasy Football Do We Part


Every season it happens. This year, it is Week 5. Army of Dad and I face each other in fantasy football. His team has been putting the smack down on everyone this season until he faced a team with Tony Romo.

Me, on the other hand, I've sucked some major ass. I usually make it to the playoffs every year until last year. This year, I've just done some of the dumbest things a fantasy owner can do. I dropped Marion Barber, first off. *I heard that collective moan from the readers* But, it gets better. Then, I dropped Donald Driver.

Yeah, I know. Stupid. I blame it on the chick genes and relinquish my honorary man card.

Let's just up the ante, too, and mention that I have Travis Henry on my fantasy team, too. Great. He is likely going to be gone for pissing hot. I have Stephen Jackson to strut his cute little ass around on the sidelines, too.


I'm going down like a slut on prom night. And, man, I hate losing, but I REALLY hate losing to my old man. We are WAY too competitive with each other.


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