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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Look at me, I was right!

Looks like I wasn't totally off base last time I went into Victoria's Secret about how either I'm getting older or the target audience of Victoria's Secret is getting younger. Woo hoo!

The Wall Street Journal printed the following:
As Victoria's Secret prepares for the broadcast of its annual fashion show Tuesday, the brand has made a renewed push for younger customers, including holding auditions for a college student to walk the runway amid its famous supermodels.

Sales at Victoria's Secret have been disappointing throughout this year, hurt by a declining number of mall visitors and fashion miscues at its stores. The company has planned conservatively for the holidays, given shoppers' worries about the economy.

Two weeks ago, Limited Brands Inc., which owns Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works, posted a 48% decline in net income ...


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