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How Rednecks Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was weird for us and totally non-traditional. We were thankful that mom was home from the hospital, but man she was doped up and bitchy as hell. She kept mumbling stuff that didn't make sense and even offered to babysit if AoD and I wanted to go out. *rolling my eyes* Yeah, like that is going to happen. She mooned me at one point to show me a bruise on her hip (well above her ass) and I knew then that she wasn't quite all there. She is getting more coherent with each day, thankfully. Anyway. We carried food down there and my hubby felt very neglected that he had no turkey, no yankee-style stuffing, no gravy, no scalloped corn and worst of all, no homemade pumpkin pie. It was cold, cold, cold and it was alternately raining, sleeting and snowing all day. But, that didn't slow down Hot Rod's desire for the cold steel of his little .22 and knowing that water jugs and soda cans were awaiting him out in the back pasture. So, we bundled up and went out to let him try to plunk the water jugs. Well, he nor I could hit the damn things, so Army of Dad quickly disposed of them, much to the delight of all of us. Now, I have some little pie pumpkins that are just begging to be blown up, too.


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