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The good and bad

Been busy this weekend taking advantage of the down time to clean, sleep and just spend time with my family. It has been really nice.

Of course, Thanksgiving was bittersweet. Mom was super drugged up and not herself. Early that morning, I received a call that one of the guys I grew up with killed himself in a hotel room in Arlington. For my friends who read, Harry "Jr." Ivie died Tuesday. His funeral will be at 3 p.m. Sunday at Blessing Funeral Home in Mansfield.

I hadn't seen Junior since we were in school and I just heard about the downward spiral in which his life spinned. It is sad and really makes me think about his mom. She is a lovely lady. As a parent, there is only so much we can do to influence our children and help them grow up to be productive, responsible adults. They have to make their own choices and Junior's seemed to consist of many bad choices and it is unfortunate. He was a nice kid. He was my boyfriend in the seventh grade, if I recall correctly, for about two weeks. *shrug* I wept for his mom and I wept for all my fears as a mother. We make mistakes in parenting, but what can we do to prevent our children from going down that same path? I just don't know and that frightens me. Seems like every family with multiple children has a loser kid in the family. I don't want that to be any of my children. I want all three to grow up happy and successful, but there is no secret formula for it. Junior's life is an example of that.


  • At 9:33 AM, November 26, 2007, Blogger Gadfly said…

    There were some Ivie kids that I went to school with.

    Your kids are going to grow up to be very different people. All you can do is give them love and support, and you're doing great so far. You've provided a far more stable childhood than you had.

    I don't have to tell you what a crap shoot life can be, but there are kids that lie awake at night dreaming they could be your kids.


  • At 10:06 PM, November 28, 2007, Blogger Lisa said…

    I'm not worried for your kids. I worry for the kids that have parents who NEVER worry about or even THINK about how their children's lives will turn out. And there are many out there.


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