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Bless her heart

Mom may be going home on Tuesday.

Doc said it would be Wednesday at the latest. When I was there today, she was untethered from everything and very happy about that. She is getting back to normal - being crabby and all. :) The only thing that was left to be removed were the leads from the temporary pacemaker. The surgeon was coming back later in the day to remove it and suture her up. She was thrilled to be rid of the port catheter thing in her neck and the other catheter. By the time she had all that removed, she was ready for a nap.

She is already weened down to two vicodin every four hours, which just amazes me. This woman was split open, her heart whittled on ... and now she is simply taking some vicodin. Wow. She is ready to go home and eat some decent food. The nurses and doctors at her hospital have been outstanding; the food, ick. Seriously, my kids get better cafeteria food than this hospital. They need to have Robert Irvine from Dinner Impossible come to fix something up for the heart patients there!!!

So, now, I can start planning for Thanksgiving. I can let out a giant sigh of relief. All is going well. I couldn't be more pleased. I guess, today, it seems, that I finally feel better about things. Yesterday started me feeling good about it. She just looked more like her old self today (and I mean that in a good way, not a bad way. :)

And as a good omen, I found her an autographed Drew Pearson mini helmet for $15 for Christmas. Woo hoo.


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