Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


I've been doing pretty good .... till this morning. Little Bit woke up and asked me if Granny was really going to be sick until Christmas. I had told her that Granny would be "sick" for about six weeks - probably around Christmastime - before she felt better.

Little Bit: Will it really be Christmas before Granny is better?
Me: Yes.
Little Bit: Well, tell her to be good, so she can be better sooner.

It was pretty sweet. So, we called my mom this morning to relay our love and good wishes. Mom sounded pretty anxious. My mom and dad aren't real affectionate with adults, if that makes sense. For instance, we don't really say "I love you." But, I've made a point of saying it recently. Mom couldn't bring herself to say it this morning. Sort of like, if she says it, then she's saying goodbye and she doesn't want to do that. I have finally cried, a little. I'm scared shitless. I want my mommy. Prayers are appreciated.


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