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Magical day at the Magic Kingdom

Assuming you don't have dial up or you wouldn't have had the patience to sit and wait for this post to upload. Photo heavy. Sorry. Our day at the Magic Kingdom was very fun. The orange team was reporting for duty. My sis-in-law bought everyone orange shirts and it made it easy to spot each other. Plus, it was Halloween, so we were festive. We hit just a few rides around the park and then spent the bulk of our day in Tomorrow Land. It just made sense for our family. We had Buzz Lightyear and the Emperor Zurg, for instance. Stinkerbelle and I both wear our birthday buttons to the park and when we walked into the Fast Pass line at the Buzz Lightyear ride, a cast member shouted out "Attention ladies and gentlemen. It is Stinkerbelle's and AoM's birthday. *cheering ensued* Then, the ENTIRE line and staff at the Buzz ride sang "happy birthday" to us. It was awesome. A little embarrassing, but awesome!

Space Mountain rocked out for me, Hot Rod and Army of Dad. I rode it three or four times and I know they went back and rode it another one or two times. Hot Rod is definitely our danger boy.
Pickle, on the other hand, not so much.

The cousins were with us for the first couple of hours before they hit the road back to Hotlanta. Hot Rod had a shadow and it was really funny because he wasn't used to that.
Stinkerbelle's godmother (AoD's sister) was awesome with all the kids, but especially my brooding artist, Pickle.
Here is the whole gang as we entered the park. We were constantly called the "orange family" or the "orange team." It was funny. We were even serenaded by a singing trashcan at one point. It was funny. His birthday song: "Here's your birthday song. It isn't very long." Yep, that was it. But, the kids loved talking with him. Hot Rod kept looking for trash to feed him.


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