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I don't get it

Yet another case of a female teacher running off with a junior high student in a torrid affair. I look at my son and his buddy and don't get an inkling of sexual arousal. I mean, they are cute little boys. But, they are LITTLE BOYS! For cripe's sakes, lady. I mean, really. There is a hot little number in my son's karate class who is probably 15 or 16 and I think, hubba hubba ... if I were 15, I'd be flirting all over that. IF I WERE 16 being the KEY phrase there!!!

*shaking my head*

What is it? I mean, I guess, they have to be mentally ill in some sort of fashion. On top of it all, how could you carry on conversations with a kid like that? The sex can't be great. No conversation aside from what is Britney Spears' next skanky move or something. Maybe they could talk about Drake and Josh on Nick.


I knew I'd worry about the safety of my little girl, but it is something else when I have to worry about the safety and chastity of my 13-year-old son from his teachers.


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