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Hot tub hottie or hubba, hubba, hubby

Staying at one of the Disney World resorts had to be one of the coolest parts of this trip. We were able to leave our room and be at the park in less than 20 minutes. We could walk to a bus stop and catch a bus and be there in a snap. It was great. We could leave for lunch and take a bus back to the resort, let the kids nap and then go back. I'm spoiled. We also treated the kids to fun in the water on Friday. I felt like the pool should have been heated, so when I was in the water, I was in the hot tub, like the rest of the family is here. That is my bro-in-law on the far left with his son. Then, of course, my two boys, Army of Dad with my niece and Little Bit.
My nephew. Don't let that smile fool you ... he is all boy and very mischievous. He thought Hot Rod was the coolest and followed him everywhere. It drove Hot Rod nuts. :)
Hubba, hubba. Little wonder why I married him. He is such a good cook. Oh yeah, and a bit of a looker, too.
Little Bit has got to be one of the cutest children on the planet. Biased or not, I think she is cute as a button. She was very brave and went down the slide repeatedly. She loved it.


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