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Minnie or Mickey?

Getting ready for the Disney trip reminded me of our first family trip to Disney back in October 1998. Pickle was just 4 then and his speech impediment was severe. Few could understand him, aside from me.

He wanted Mickey Mouse ears and wanted me to have some, too. We got some for both of us and he cried when I put mine on and was freaked out. We finally figured out that he wanted me to have Minnie ears, but we couldn't understand him. So, I took my ribbon out of my hair and tied a bow around one of the ears and he was happy after that.

Pickle had forgotten about that, but it lingered in my mind through all these years. Army of Dad recalled it differently, but trust me, nine years later and I'm still experiencing mommy guilt over it. We pulled out the ears and it was funny to see Pickle (now 13) trying to put on the ones he wore at age 4. The kids still haven't figured out where we're going. I'm scared I'm this deceptive. :)


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