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Mixed marriage

Purple and gold - the colors my boys bleed. They were a bit disappointed with the outcome of the Vikings-Cowboys game today, but still managed to have a good time. We managed to do a bit of tailgating and almost everyone there was very tolerant of the Vikes fans. :) You can see me modeling my early birthday present - a new Romo jersey and Cowboys cap. So, I was very excited. I've been eyeballing this jersey for a few months now. So, it was a nice treat from Army of Dad.
This was a pretty shot. The skies were gorgeous. The weather wasn't awful, about 85, but no breeze inside the stadium and the girl behind me was wearing stinky flip-flops. I have the sniffer of a bloodhound, so I had to lean forward on my chair the whole time to keep from passing out.
This shot was taken by Hot Rod of Marion Barber on a run.
These were some happy Vikes fans early in the game when they were leading after that comical defensive TD the Vikes scored. Surrounded by a sea of blue and silver. There were other Vikes fans, too. You can sort of see the douchebag in front of me with his cap on backwards. *sigh* He and his wife were fighting the entire game. Then, in the second half when the Cowboys scored, she thought she'd be funny and try to get AoD to high five her. He just shook his head no. Understandable. So, then, she turns and whispers to her husband. So, he does it, too. Again, AoD just shakes his head no and gestures no with a little wave of his hand. So, then douchebag starts mouthing off. Well, AoD isn't one to back down from anyone. So, before long, the two are exchanging words. *sigh* Well, now the couple has made up, because their animosity toward one another is now collectively aimed at AoD. Lovely. Bimbo just tries to egg on AoD, but I sidetracked. Every time she'd try to pop off to piss him off, I just spoke over her to AoD and directed his attention elsewhere. Then, she tried just standing up and dancing in front of us whenever a play was going on. I was getting a little hot under the collar, but managed to ignore her. After a series or two of plays, she got tired of doing it when no one would bite. *shaking my head* Pretty juvenile if you ask me. My favorite part was when the Cowboys cheerleaders were doing a routine during a TV timeout and the woman got up and was trying to do the same dance moves - complete with waving her hands as if she had pompons. I was cracking up, but I don't think she meant for it to be funny. Even her douchebag husband looked at her like she had lobsters crawling out of her ears.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the jerk in a situation, but when the Cowboys fans behind us and beside Hot Rod both leaned over and asked us what the dude's problem was and we told them, they both told AoD that they had his back. Ha. Just goofy. Our mixed marriage is working ok, I suppose. :)


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