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Casket caper

I bought some 'birds and the bees' books from Focus on the Family for Pickle last year and ever since, I've been on their mailing list. Most of the time, I just chunk the stuff, but I got a little magazine yesterday and had some downtime waiting to pick up kids from school, so I flipped through it and found a couple of good jokes.

Three friends were talking about how they wanted to be remembered and what friends might say when taking a last look at them in their coffins.

Artie said, "I would like them to say I was a wonderful husband, spiritual leader and a family man."

Merle said, "I would like them to say that I was a wonderful teacher and servant of God and that I made a huge difference in people's lives."

Don said, "I would like them to say, 'Look! He's moving!'"


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