Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



Mom had another test/procedure on Wednesday in which the cardiologist put a scope down her throat to gain images of her heart from the backside. He wanted to have this and the catheter results before consulting a surgeon about repairing her leaky valve with open heart surgery.

I'm having to rely on information from my mom, but she may not be a candidate after all for the valve repair. The cardiologist said it looks like her valve and chamber (?) may be more calcified than he thought and beyond repair. This takes me back to him telling me that if she did not have the procedure, she likely has two more good years before her heart starts to fail. I'm in a large state of denial and want to wait until she sees the doctor in a week or two before I fret too much. I hope to go with her to that appointment, so I can get the information from him.

In the meantime, please say some prayers.


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