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The Immortal 10

Another Baylor homecoming passes without my attendance. *sigh* I graduated in 1991. But, I digress. This homecoming is going to include a special ceremony to dedicate a monument to the Immortal 10. I'm not sure why it took 80 years to install something to honor these folks, but it did.

At Baylor, the tradition still holds true that freshmen learn about the tragedy that occurred in 1927 to the Baylor basketball team. On the way to play UT, the team bus was struck by a train and 10 of the 21 people on the bus were killed. One of the deceased was the namesake of the journalism building (which has since been replaced by a newer one). When I was in school, it was the Castellaw Communication Building.

I am anxious to visit the campus again and see this. It looks like it will be a very emotional moment.


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