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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Let the testosterone flow

Karl Urban.
Eric Bana.

*fanning self*

All this hunkdom and guess what? They'll be part of the new Star Trek movie.

Oh good grief. I have plans for Christmas Day 2008 and none of them involve my children or opening presents. Ok, maybe momma will be opening up her stocking with tickets to the movies in there.

I'm getting my dork on, big time.

Oh, p.s. while at my national board meeting in St. Pete this weekend, I'm walking along with the former president of the board and we're talking about my geekdom with Star Trek, when he mentioned how his colleague at the Wall Street Journal in L.A. had been totally changed when Star Wars came out back in the 70s. Talked about how this guy added a wing on to his house to hold all his Star Wars memorabilia and how this guy fought to get an interview with George Lucas. So, we're walking along The Pier in St. Pete and have this exchange:

Colleague: Yeah, Star Wars really changed his life.
Me: That is really amazing.
Colleague: Yeah, he got an interview finally with George Lucas. Then, when the job as head of his fan relations came open, it was perfect for him.
Me: Are you talking about Steve Sansweet?
Colleague: You know him?
Me: Well, I've met him at a sci-fi convention. He signed some of my kid's pod-racers that are hanging on the wall of his room.
Colleague: Wow. He's doing autographs now.

*shaking my head*

Boy, did I ever feel like a dork. I knew who this guy was from sci-fi cons. But, honestly, what are the odds that all of these things would happen? I mean, to know who this guy is, for one. Then, for him to have been the former Wall Street Journal editor for this professional colleague of mine. One in a million. But, hey, maybe my dorkiness may lead to some work. We'll see.


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