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Orange Team: Go!

Magic Kingdom was decked out for Halloween during our visit, so our orange attire fit right in. We took the opportunity for some family photos. My kids had such a good time and looked so cute.
Grandpa and Grandma loved having the kids around almost as much as the kids liked being with them, I think.
And, our infamous family photo. Who looks the happiest out of the five? I'm not sure. We were all having a great time. This is the kind of vacation people dream about. I owe my sister-in-law so much thanks for giving us her frequent flyer miles and putting us up in their resort vacation club villa with the family. We had hoped to save up and take the kids in 2008 or 2009, so we were able to move it up a year or so.
And, our "magical" photo. I borrowed Stinkerbelle's Princess Minnie hat and AoD borrowed his nephew's Wizard Mickey hat. Yeah, I know. We look like goobers. But, hey, we were at Disney's Magic Kingdom. It was our job as parents to be a little Goofy. :) This was in the waiting area for Mickey's Philharmagic. Very cute attraction. We had a blast.


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