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The Cowboys Raised Mom's Blood Pressure

Well, mom was still in CVICU today, but mostly because they didn't have any open beds in the heart center. She may as well have been in a regular unit. *shrug* She was doing much better. She got all the tubes and leads and stuff out of her chest. IV is gone, too. Only things left are the catheter (which really pisses her off - pun intended) and some thing in her neck, which is measuring something around her heart. Her blood pressure is very low, like 100 over 52. But, they weren't overly concerned. Her blood sugar is fouled up, too, leading her to get insulin shots, as well.

She managed to watch the Cowboys game today and we figured if that didn't shock her heart into spasms, she ought to be pretty good. I actually squealed so loudly at the Romo interception that three nurses ran to her room. So, I had to be vewy, vewy quiet. :)

I taught my dad how to text on the cell phone this week. That was pretty cool. I managed to fix a blanket for Hot Rod for Christmas, start one for Pickle, write a story, etc.

Seems like I had more to say at one point, but I'm tired and need to rest. Also, my fantasy football team was doing ok, but it doesn't really matter. My opponent had Tom Brady. *sigh*


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