Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Fixing the boo-boos

Mom is home from the hospital today. I don't know that anyone could be happier about it than she is. She was thrilled. So, instead of her fixing the owies (like this pic from a few weeks ago), now we'll be doctoring her owies. Amazes me how someone's heart can be stopped and operated on less than a week ago and now she's home with only vicodin to kill the pain. Remarkable. I can't wait to go down on Thanksgiving. I just hope the kids don't wear her out. We plan to let Hot Rod plunk some cans and such with a .22 out in the back. Army of Dad may chop some firewood for us to bring back - while it is 83 today - it will be down in the 40s-50s by Thursday.

I definitely have lots to be thankful for this holiday.


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