Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Bringing people together

The Cowboys. They do so much for people.

I wore my Romo jersey all day Sunday. At church, other parents picking up their kids from CCD look at me and say "Go Cowboys!"

At Albertson's, people driving by roll down their windows and yell "Go Cowboys!" as they drive through the parking lot.

Then, at the hospital last night after mom fell asleep, dad and I went down to the cafeteria. This hospital serves a very diverse population. We're walking along with the urban dudes wearing their Fubu clothes, jeans down around their thighs and an occasional T.O. jersey and we're exchanging high fives and "how 'bout them Cowboys?" comments. It is just sort of funny to see my redneck daddy giving knuckle bumps to the ghetto dude wearing the T.O. jersey with all the bling and the bluetooth thing in his ear.

See, all you Cowboy haters .... the 'boys are all about harmony in the world. :)


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