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Hot Rod Woos the Crowd

Of course, the first UNT basketball game we attend and I don't bring my camera, that is the one that my son is picked to participate in the half-time musical lay-up chairs. *sigh* He and his buddy from his Bears baseball team are always there as are another family whose son we coached at soccer a few years ago. So, Hot Rod and his friend (who is a year older than Hot Rod) and the brothers who sit behind us (who are in the fourth and seventh grades) go out to center court with four chairs. When the music plays, they dribble around. When the music stops, they choose a goal, dribble down and try to make a lay up. Once they make the lay up, they run back (there are only three chairs left). So, Hot Rod beat his buddy back and the crowds erupt. Being the smallest kid out there, he gathered the crowd's support. They cheered wildly when he made the cut. Then, he went out on the next one and the crowd let out a collective "awwwwww!!!" Of course, the seventh-grader won. My friend and UNT alumna was sitting across from us in the student section at the Super Pit and she texted me that the winner was a high school freshman. :) It was funny. I just felt like a douche for not bringing my camera that day. Live and learn. Oh yeah, and Little Bit was on the big screen at the Super Pit while dancing like the dance squad. It was pretty cute.


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