Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


My little Eddie Haskel

When you kiss up to the teacher and take a really cute picture with her, you get to be student of the week at school. If the teacher is busy or it is a holiday, it turns into student of the month. :)

My favorite parts are: she has two pets (huh? Maybe she counts her brothers since we have no critters here other than their piggy attitudes. I'm assuming she means her granny's dogs); making cakes as a hobby (I guess we do this occasionally, but couldn't call it a true hobby); no one has any kitties, so no clue there on pets.

I love the fact that she is happiest when playing with mommy. That makes my heart just swell up. And, we were both proud of her when she learned to spell and write her name. I can see that being one of her proudest accomplishments.


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