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Rough start to the day

Ever have one of those mornings when everything seems right with the world and then, it just plummets for the sewers?

Welcome to my world.

I had a few tasks to complete at home, then I'm going to celebrate with my mom and she is going to keep the kids so I can go out with Army of Dad.

Then, my next-door neighbor comes over to return the newspaper she borrowed from me. Appears she wanted to read about her car accident in the paper. She was sideswiped on the interstate by a dude having a seizure. Totalled her car. She's a single mom who struggles month to month as it is, but now her paid off Ford Escort is in pieces at a towing business. Worst part is the same thing happened to her four years ago. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and totalled her minivan then. Fortunately, she is safe and was last time, too. But, it is hard to look on the bright side. I'm so impressed that she is still smiling and moving forward.

While finishing up some work this morning, I have a voicemail from my brother. He's in tears and says he has bad news. Of course, my fingers are struggling to dial the phone to call him back. He's suffered from depression and has been suicidal at several times in the past, so I'm freaked out. Turns out his ex-wife is seriously dating and he just found out and is devastated. They've been divorced for probably three or four years, but he was holding out hope that she'd take him back some day. He went from earning six figures and living in 3,000 SF homes to now renting a one-bedroom apartment and taking out payday loans to cover his rent. So, he is hurting.

Looks like I may need a few drinks tonight when we go out. That is, if I'm not afraid of the next bad thing to happen. These things happen in threes, you know.



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