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I changed my mind

I decided to use this as my profile picture. I like it better. Of course, I don't look like this today. I woke up with my right eye all puffy and that area between the dark circle under my eye and my cheekbone was swollen up to the size of a thumb. Gees. I took a Benadryl and put a warm moist compress on it. It has gone down considerably, but the whole area around my eye is still swollen and puffy. Now, we're having 30 mph wind gusts, so that isn't going to help as it blows in more allergens. GRRRRRR. I keep picking up the phone to call the doctor and then putting the phone receiver back down. I want this to go away. I have plans to go out this weekend and don't like looking like this!!!! I wanna look like I do in this picture!


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