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You feeling lucky, huh, punk?

Well, I usually have good luck when it comes to contests - except the lottery, not so much there - so I thought, what the thell?

I got an email from Goldsmith Jewelry in Orlando, Fla. Seems the owner, Don, is running a contest. He is giving away a pair of 1 carat diamond stud earrings valued at $1,500 as part of a Valentine's Day promotion. To enter, he asked me to write a post about Goldsmith Jewelry on the blog and include a link to the site.

He said he has been serving the Orlando market for more than 30 years and the viewers of Channel 2 News in Orlando recently selected the store as their Favorite Jeweler. He also claims to be the the area's largest independant diamond broker.

Winners will be announced on Feb. 10. So, go visit Goldsmith Jewelry if you're in Orlando and in the market for some diamonds. Tell him Army of Mom sent you. I wonder how successful of an ad campaign this will be for the store. Could be a new, fairly inexpensive way to market a business, I'm thinking.


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