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Happy Fat Tuesday!

I posted this picture last year on Fat Tuesday and got quite the response from people. I just noticed there has been lots of traffic coming in over the past few days and thought I'd put it up one more time. And, no wise cracks. We can all hope we have this much fun and don't sag any more than this in our late 40s or so. :)

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the official start of my diet. That is my Lenten sacrifice this year: gluttony. I'm bad about pigging out on Blizzards and cookies. So, I figure it is a good choice to sacrifice and it will help me, too. I've already lost two pounds in a week just stepping up the walking regimen, giving up the junkiest of stuff and portion control. I can't say that without singing the Prince song and just substituting portion for the other P word in the song. :)

*note: the Prince song is adult oriented and not work or child friendly. Wait to check it out late at night, in the dark, with the volume turned down and no one around except maybe your significant other (who, if male, will definitely appreciate it *wink*).


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