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SPF: Bad

I had planned to blog about the Sci-Fi/Comic Con anyway. But, when I saw the topic at this week's Stuff Portrait Friday at Random and Odd, I knew I had my winner. The theme this week: bad. Yeah, this is bad. Look at my poor photography skills, i.e. bad. My son is positioned in front of some picture on the wall and makes it look like his hair is sticking up even worse than it usually does. :) Anyway. This is his favorite guy: Ben Dunn. He has several graphic novels that he has created, a line of comic books and several how to draw Manga books, too. He is a giant in his industry and I don't just mean sizewise. He is also very nice and patient with Pickle, too. We love it when he goes to the comic cons because he sells his books for much cheaper than we can buy them at the bookstore, too.
Then, Pickle was loving this chick Boba Fett or whatever she is. Of course, she looks like the girls he draws, too. (pssst, he likes drawing girls with big cans.) Anime style and all. Yeah right, that's why he does it. :)
Then, he found the new Smash Brothers with Sonic in it. He and these fellas had a ball. Pickle was kicking their butts, too, in the first time he has played this game. He even voluntarily stopped playing. I assumed I'd have to pull him away.
Then, there was Saffron from Firefly. There was also some hot chick from Battlestar Gallactica, but I didn't snap her pic.
Then, there was me. This guy is a comedian from the local Improv. Apparently, they have a show making fun of dorks. I had to buy the shirt: Seduced by the Dork Side. I can't wait to wear it. LOL. Now, he totally freaked out my 13-year-old son. After Pickle snapped this pic, the comedian backed up, looked down my shirt and snapped his light saber to a fully erect, er, extended angle from, oh, yeah, just about his crotch. It was very funny, but ... I reached over to shield Pickle's eyes from this gesture. But, alas, it was too late. He had seen it and turned about 18 shades of red. I gave the comedian my half-amused cross face and he apologized and said he did something equally bad earlier to another kid about that age, too. "I keep forgetting there are kids in here," he quipped. Then, he leaned over to Pickle and said, "You've got a cool mom!" Of course, Pickle wrinkled his nose and went on to look at the Speed Racer collectibles in the next booth.


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