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What a weekend

So much to write about and I'm dog tired. So, suffice it to say that when I have a need for a break during the work day on Monday, I'll be writing all about it.

The Houston trip for my nephew's Eagle Scout ceremony was a nice distraction from the day-to-day grind. We had a nice visit with family - shorter always makes it more enjoyable.

Hot Rod had baseball, which is almost always enjoyable. Army of Dad and I went out for a while. Saturday, I took Pickle to the sci-fi/comic con and we had a great time. That evening, I took the kids to Disney's High School Musical on Ice. Afterwards, I went to a kicker bar out in the sticks to watch a band. A boy I went to the fifth grade with was the drummer. They were a fun little cover band and we loved the people watching.

Today, the kids had Sunday School and Hot Rod had a soccer game. His team is getting much better. They tied 1-1. Army of Dad reffed soccer games tonight, so I took the time to catch up on laundry and a little bit of housework and dishes. *sigh* Lots more to do and LOTS of stories to write. Yuck.

I have many great photos to post ... will try to get some up this week.


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