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Ewww. I'm still shuddering.

The termites we had the house treated for last summer are back. *sigh* And, they're swarming.

Nothing like sitting at the baseball game when my eldest calls to tell me that bugs are flying out of the wall and going everywhere. Gorrammit! Pickle was up to the task and zapped the effers with bug spray and took great pleasure in whacking the others with the fly swatter.

When I arrived home, it looked like a cheesey teen horror flick you catch on the Sci Fi channel at 1 a.m. on Sunday morning (not that I've ever seen the one about the giant mosquitos or anything). *sighing again* So, instead of basking in my son's baseball glory (and it never dawned on me that he is wearing Hank Blalock's number, I feel like a dumbass), I came home and let the scrubbing commence.

I think I must have used an entire container of Comet. I scrubbed this house in ways that it hasn't been scrubbed in years. Then, I swept, mopped and continued on the rampage. I tossed some stuff out, washed others and trudged on. I figured after about four hours into, I might as well start cleaning out the pantry. Then, I decided to fold laundry. I put on my latest obsession - the Game Show Network - and watched some old game show from the 50s and got sucked in. I loved it and found myself laughing out loud.

Anyway. Termite guy had been here Sunday to do some more spraying and such after I noticed the termites were back. He came by tonight to talk to AoD about what was going on. I don't think it was much consolation when he said if he can't knock the monsters out in the next month or two that he'd give us our money back. *may I sigh again?* So, we're thinking we may need to pull out the kitchen cabinets (because that is where they were before and now they've moved a bit and are worse). AoD figures if we're going to spend the money anyway, let's do it up right and maybe convert the back porch into a dining area and expand the kitchen and make it a really nice one. The idea sounds good, but I do love my back porch.

Me and the two little kids are driving down to H-town tomorrow for my nephew's Eagle Scout ceremony.

I finally decided what to get my nephew for his Eagle Scout gift: luggage. This four-piece set is a good beginner set for a kid who doesn't have any luggage and is leaving home in the fall for some engineering college in Colorado. It was only $32 on sale, so I figured it was a good deal. I thought about buying a set for me. I love the expanding handle and the wheels on the two bigger bags. Gees that makes life so much nicer in an airport and these bags are compact enough to be carry-ons. Woo hoo.

No SPF for me, I guess. I kept checking to see if an assignment would go up. :( Oh well ... I'll have LOTS of work waiting for me when I get back next week, but it will be nice to get away for a few days, even if I'm PMSing and trapped in a minivan with my two youngest and my parents. Add to that being stuck with my brother and his family for the evening Thursday. Ok, pray for me. :) AoD already threatened to take away my knife and my gun before I leave.


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