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The moral of the story is ...

I say it all the time and I've said on the blog many times, but be careful what you do when you're on the clock. You never know who is watching.

On my drive home from taking Little Bit to the dentist (hooray, no cavities), I was going 71 in the fast lane (speed limit was 60) while trying to pass some slowpokes in the right lane. I look up and a big rig is no less than one car length behind me and not slowing down.

I'm still not able to get back over to the right and I'm thinking that these guys are supposed to go slower than the speed limit, too, if I recall correctly.

So, we're going around the 35 split and I'm taking the split to the left where the two lanes merge down to one and this guy whips (seriously, for a big rig, I didn't know they could whip like that safely) and goes around me to the right - speeding up beyond the 70 mph I'm doing.

So, we merge onto 35 and he gets stuck in the right lane behind another big rig. So, I managed to get around him and decide to write down his truck information. He was not being safe and I'm thinking his employer might want to know this. So, I write down the name of the trucking company and get his VIN from the cab of his Peterbilt as I'm going past him where he got stuck (for all his hurrying; slow and steady for me apparently won that race). Then, I have to get back in the right lane to exit and, damn my luck, I had to get back in front of the jackass.

Swear to God, the butt nugget sped up again to get back on my bumper. So, as I'm exiting, I turn to see if the guy is sleepy, reading a book or just an asshole and he confirmed my initial suspicions of asshole: he flipped me the bird (while my lovely 5-year-old is in the backseat). Fortunately, she was watching The Wiggles and not seeing this.

So, I come up and Google the name of the trucking company and the owner - a sweet old Okie - answered the phone and I told him what happened and gave him the info. He was appreciative and offered for me to stop in and have a cup of coffee if I'm ever up in that part of Oklahoma. He said he knew exactly who it was and that "he will be slowing down" more than he planned to after this.

Don't mess with the bull; you might get the horns. I wonder how many other mini-van driving soccer moms he has done that to who didn't report him.

The moral of this story is: don't act like a jerk when you're on the clock. You never know who is watching you. Plus, when you grew up with a dad who owned a business, it is important to know how employees are representing you.


  • At 5:03 PM, March 27, 2008, Blogger Melessa Gregg said…

    If they almost kill me, I always call. I commute to OKC from a suburb Mon-Fri and I've become very conscious of truckers and how they should be driving. The one exception was when the guy almost pulled into my lane on top of me because he didn't see me. I honked, he got back over, and made many apologetic gestures at me when he pulled in behind me.

  • At 5:50 PM, March 27, 2008, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    From my experiences, most truckers are safe drivers and courteous. You let 'em over and they flash their brake lights as a thank you, etc. So, it always catches me off guard when they act like this and the bird was the final straw for me. I probably wouldn't have called in had it not been for that maneuver. That's just uncool for anyone, but especially a giant no-no for someone in a work vehicle.

  • At 8:55 PM, March 27, 2008, Blogger Submariner said…

    Good for you, AoM -
    I drove for Mayflower for a while before joining the Navy and we were always aware that the 1-800 was on the back. Much later, driving across I 84 on a trip cross country I had one do something similar one night. (This was after the advent of the cell phone and I had a very nice chat with his dispatch who validated the @ss-hat's location via tracking software.) A few miles later I passed him again, pulled off and gesturing wildly while talking on his cell. I'd have paid big bucks to listen in... mwahahahahahaha


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