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Reasons No. 254 and 255 Why Life is Good

You know, about the time I think my life is pretty crappy, there are things that pop up to remind me that it isn't that bad.

The other night, a friend called to warn us that her husband was suicidal and talked about ending his own life and, apparently, taking others down with him. She wanted us to know for our own safety.

Then, this morning, another friend (who is pregnant) emails me to let me know that she discovered her husband has been doing meth and he is starting an out-patient rehab program.

Suddenly, my husband looking for a job doesn't seem so bad. He isn't on a killing spree or doing drugs. *sigh* So, add Reason No. 256 why life is good and that is a job interview next Wednesday. Woo hoo. Say prayers, do a dance, light a candle. We'll take whatever you send.


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