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We are the champions

On Saturday, Pickle had his karate tournament. Currently, he is an adult orange belt. He had to spar in a field of four boys in his age group. I think a couple of the boys were adult blue belts, but they're around the same age and size, so they get lumped together. Pickle had to win his match and then the winner of the other match to make it to the championship sparring match. He won both, taking first place.
I think this shot was the definitive moment in his decision to beat that ass. Yeah, that is my boy taking a shot to the nuts as a reminder why it is important to wear a cup when sparring. To say he was unhappy was quite the understatement. He did come back to win after this.
And, here he is with his first place plaque. Of course, Uzz took all three of these pictures. My camera won't shoot still shots in this lighting. So, I usually video the matches.
And, Little Bit had her first sparring match, too. It was really cute to see her going head to head against this other very cute little girl. Who won, you ask?
Well, of course, my daughter smacked that ass down. She won 3-1.
And, boy was she proud of herself. She loves that trophy and carried it around most of Saturday night.


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