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Since you asked

I had a comment requesting an update on my ablation, which I done Jan. 17. The back story, for those of you who don't know is this:

An endometrial ablation scrapes all the lining from the uterus with the goal of stopping prolonged periods, getting rid of any sort of tumors or cysts, etc. I had one to help with long periods, heavy bleeding and they thought I had several cysts. Turned out that they weren't cysts but big pieces of endometrial tissue. *shrug*

Anyway. All was well at first, then I started about 12 days post-op and bled for 25 days straight until I finally got on the birth control pills that stop women from bleeding during their cycles. After that, I spotted lightly for three days in March and again for four days in April. So, I suppose next week, I may spot for a few days. It is definitely a GIANT improvement from when I'd have heavy periods for seven days at a time.

So, that is my update. Things seem to be better. I have not had any relief - yet - from the PMS symptoms. I'm a little weepy right now and agitated. Bloating, too. Ick. But, I hope that I may get some relief from those symptoms over time, too. We'll see.


  • At 11:27 AM, May 01, 2008, Blogger Susabelle said…

    Unfortunately, the PMS symptoms won't be helped by the ablation. Those are hormonal and the ablation doesn't fix the hormones.

    I am not on any meds for my symptoms. My ablation was in December 2006. I saw no noticeable change for a year. I still had heavy, long, nasty monthlies. But the last six months have been much better. This month I had my PMS but no period. DEFINITE improvement. We'll see what happens next month.


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