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You may be a redneck

If you do a Google photo search for 'redneck birthday cake' and pictures of two of your three kids pop up on the first page. *sigh* LaLa was doing a search because she's having a white trash celebration for her son's 18th birthday. I guess she wants to make him a redneck cake (personally, I think she just needs to find a Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish and stick it on a cake, but that is neither here nor there at this point.)

She emails me giggling hysterically. I could hear her from 60 miles away when I opened up my email to read:

"Ok, this is funny… I am dying laughing… I am sitting here googling “redneck birthday cake” images and guess what (or who) comes up on the following page: Do any of these smiles look familiar to you?"
Ha ha ha. Very funny. I'm laughing on the inside, really.
Does anyone else hear dueling banjos? No? Just me? *sigh* Must be my new ring tone.


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