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Dances With Penguins

I knew I had a Native American name: Dances with Penguins. One of my favorite parts of the Kansas City trip was the plethora of sculptures. They were everywhere. If there was an empty spot in the road median, there would be a sculpture. A small part of sidewalk between a CVS and some skanky dive, there was a sculpture. It was so cool. We stayed across the street from Country Club Plaza (where the penguins live) and we saw some incredible architecture, works of art and fountains. I didn't know that Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains with the most fountains in any city in the world other than Rome. (far top left of image is the Cinemark where we saw Batman. Not that impressed. Actually, I was pretty grossed out much of the movie.)
Self-control be damned. I couldn't resist giving this cute little fella a kiss. There was one other penguin statue, too. I gave it knuckle bumps for a snapshot. :)


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