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Super Sunday

This was a great day for our family. Ok, other than Hot Rod had a soccer game at 7:42 a.m. *seriously, that was the start time on the schedule* And, it was in Dallas. Yuck. But, Army of Dad got a coaching fix in. The coach had a conflict and the coach he assigned to cover the game blew him off. Needless to say, our coach is pissed. But, AoD handled it well. I like our new uniforms, too.
On the way home, we went by the cool McDonalds that is shaped like a giant happy meal. You can't tell it as well in this picture, but from 635, it looks like a giant happy meal. The kids were more impressed with the rotating M just to the left of the image.
Then, we went to Waffle House for breakfast. Gotta love hash browns covered and chunked. :) Then, Little Bit went on a bike ride with her dad and brother jogging alongside. The only down side of the day? The Twins lost to the Rangers ... hard for me to enjoy the victory over the beloved Twinkies. *sigh*


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