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One week later

Delayed a week in posting, but here are the FA Cup pictures from British Soccer camp last week. Hot Rod had a treat and went both in the morning and at night. That was really cool for a kid like him. Little Bit, on the other hand, prefers playing indoors where she is less likely to sweat and more likely to find shade. Both kids were on Chelsea in their age groups.
Little Bit's Chelsea team. The little gal who is posing was a hoot. She and the boy in yellow really didn't care about soccer. On Friday, the mini-campers got to dress their coaches, thus the big pacifier.
Yep, there he is striking a pose wearing my full slip, a Jessie the cowgirl had and vest, fairy wings and a boa.
The big Chelsea team.

The fire truck that came to hose the kids down. Yep. On Friday, the coach who loses the coaches' challenges all weeks gets wet. This year, one of the host families arranged to REALLY get the coach wet.
Here is the coach we hosted with Little Bit after some playing in the water.

And all my kids with the coach. Pickle elected NOT to get wet.

Here are the coaches doing a dance in the water coming from the fire engine hose. It was too much fun. I don't know how they can top that next year.


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