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Thanking God Three Years Later

Three years ago today my mom had her stroke. It was so scary. She has never been in good health and has always had a few screws loose, but it was the closest I can remember to really losing her. She had breast cancer when I was in college and that was pretty frightening, but nothing that came close to the stroke. She had open-heart surgery this past November. That was pretty terrifying for all of us, too. But, she came through with flying colors and feeling better. She had a few TIAs in the past few weeks, which makes me worry. I've been fussing at her to call the doctor. Don't know if she will or not.

This picture is Mom and Little Bit in Dallas behind the science museum in May. She has gotten more absent-minded, like walking in front of a car (with my daughter in tow) when we went to the museum that day. So, the days are dwindling, but I'm trying to make the most of them while I have them left. But, as she has told me for years - every time I worried about her - she is too mean to die. That may be true. :)


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