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Unhappy with 2nd Place

Hot Rod had a bonus camp this week with the Golden Goal camp in the evenings after his regular half-day camp in the mornings. He loved it. At the night camp, he was on the Wolves team. On Friday night, his team tied 1-1 and he scored the team's only goal. In the second game, his team won 3-1 and he scored all three of those goals.
Here is one of his shots going in.
Hot Rod taking the ball down the pitch.
With his Wolves team. The best player on the team didn't get to play on Friday because he was hurt. Not sure why he didn't get in the picture, though, since he was on the team. Hot Rod's uncertain expression is the result of his team finishing second in the FA Cup competition. He was really hoping to win since his team was pretty decent.
However, the sting of defeat was numbed when he participated in dousing Coach Bammers with ice cold water for losing the coaches' challenge.


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