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Shooting spree

On Wednesday afternoon, Army of Dad took four of the British Soccer camp coaches to Quail Creek Gun Range for an afternoon of shooting. These guys had never even seen a handgun up close, let alone fire one. So, here they are getting warmed up with a one-finger salute to everyone's least favorite terrorist. Yep, they all got Osama targets to shoot at.
I swear my house isn't located in Ruby Ridge. It just sort of looks that way from time to time. Only thing I can say is that bad guys would be really stupid to try a home invasion on our house. Here is a sampling of our firearms that we brought for the guys to use. Army of Dad gave them some safety instructions and then we were on the way to shooting. Here, Coach Yam Yam starts off with Army of Dad's newest acquisition, a .22 caliber Browning handgun.
The guys had four different .22 caliber rifles to choose from. One was a Christmas gift to our boys; the other three were handed down to Army of Dad from his 85-year-old paternal grandfather in Minnesota (the pump action was made in 1935 and belonged to AoD's great-grandfather originally).
This is the coach staying with us this week. He's shooting Army of Dad's .40 caliber Smith and Wesson. We were thrilled to get to treat these guys to the shooting range experience. Our coach told us last night that shooting was the highlight of his time in the states. That is high praise and we're happy to have given them that opportunity.
Coach A shooting a 1911 Ed Brown custom .45 ACP (automatic colt pistol) that belonged to the range guy working at Quail Creek Gun Range. He was pretty nice to let them experience the gun. I was jealous and wanted to fondle the trigger with some ammo in there. But, alas, was not to be.
The guys were most excited, I think, about shooting AoD's AK clone.
It was pretty cool to watch these guys get excited about shooting and re-loading their weapons on their own.
He looks good with a gun.
This rifle was AoD's maternal grandfather's gun, which was handed down to us after he died. It has a beautiful wooden stock on it.
Damn, he's hot when he is shooting.


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