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Catfishin' Boys

Hot Rod and Army of Dad went out fishing on Lake Lewisville this morning and brought back some lunch for us: catfish.
The little sunfish he had to throw back.
And, getting ready to clean the poor little fishy. I couldn't bear to watch. Hot Rod brought the poor little fishy home still kicking. I am just one of those folks who can happily eat meat of all sorts, but really don't want to contemplate how the critter got from the farm to my plate. I tried to be a vegetarian as a teenager, but discovered I hate vegetables, so that didn't last long. I've chosen to be one of those folks who is blissfully ignorant of things. Hot Rod, however, managed to watch the fish cleaning and still come out of it ok. Now, if we can get this little pasta-addict to eat the fish, we'll be doing well. When he was 2, he used to chow fried fish. Nowadays, not so much.


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