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SPF: Children are our Future

The lovely Kristine at Random and Odd gave us the task this week to illustrate how "Children are our Futureā€ by showing her that quote in a picture.
Ok, so it isn't a picture, but this is friggin' hilarious. The gorgeous little girl up front is Little Bit doing her best to make up for having been sick on Tuesday and Wednesday. She went to Vacation Bible School on Monday and by 6 p.m. that night was complaining of a headache with a 101 fever. The fever never went down despite Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Tuesday morning, it was 104. I was a basket case. Took her to the doctor because we feared strep. Nope, just a nasty virus. So, she stayed home and puked and burned up for two days. Today, she went back to VBS. She also managed to make into the VBS video they showed, too. Yep, she was ready for her close up. She kept telling me this afternon that she was "going to be on stage" tonight. *rolling my eyes* That is definitely in her future.

But, I digress. If you watch the video, be prepared to be dazzled by my daughter's charm and talent. :) And, to giggle hysterically at the little goober in front of her who is making faces and doing other gestures instead of the sign language stuff for the Jesus song. Later in the performance, I realized I could get both Hot Rod and Little Bit into the same frame. So, that was pretty special.

Of course, these two are part of my future and I'm proud of that. Pickle managed to just sit in the sanctuary and laugh at his brother. Hot Rod looked pained much of his singing time. Just not his thing.

So, did you play?


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