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Fizzy Girl

On Thursday, Little Bit had a chance to show off a bit at our Catholic church's Vacation Bible School end-of-the-week performance. She got to hold the class sign and speak a quick line about the class name as part of the performance. The video is the up-and-coming kindergarten class singing, dancing and signing one of the songs they learned at camp. Next week, she and Hot Rod will be going to the Baptist church VBS across the street from the Catholic church. I figured Jesus in a variety of ways isn't a bad thing. Always good to learn different view points on religion. I don't think any way is wrong, necessarily, just different. I grew up Southern Baptist and became Catholic after marrying AoD.

My sweet Little Bit (far left on the front row) loves being on stage. I had to laugh at some of the moves in this little routine. I don't think the kids needed to add the hip thrusts to the "I wanna" line. I think they were just supposed to do the hand moves, but added to the hip thrusts, it was kind of bad. LOL.

At her preschool, many of the teachers and administrators are very involved in the theater. Her teacher told me on Friday, "you really should get her involved in theater. She belongs on stage." She thinks so, too.


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