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SPF: Child's toy

Well, my honey has my camera in Minnesota this week, so I had to go rummage through the archives. Oddly enough, I have lots of pictures of a child's toy - which was the assignment of the lovely Kristine from Random and Odd for this week's Stuff Portrait Friday. This one features the marshmallow shooters the kids got from an aunt (who clearly hates me.)
This one was taken at my mom's house a few years ago. She got Hot Rod these Roman looking guys. He loves any kind of military action figure thingees to play with. Still does.

And, Pickle's girlfriend with Little Bit at Pickle's birthday party last September. They weren't officially boyfriend-girlfriend then. "Just friends" he kept insisting until a month later. :)
So, did you play?


  • At 1:17 PM, June 13, 2008, Blogger Connie T. said…

    I really like the army men photo. It shows he is really having fun playing with those. They are all good photos. I played too.


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