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Justin, Joe and Nick: Oh My!

Today, Hot Rod wrapped up baseball camp this week. He came home on Monday regaling me with tales of a boy at camp also wearing Twins gear. In Texas, that is fairly unusual. Little boy's last name was Blackburn. Yeah, as in the little brother of the Twins' pitcher Nick Blackburn. I didn't believe it, so I did a little research about Nick. He is from Ada, Okla., which isn't that far up the highway. This little fella is from Oklahoma, too. Well, today, he brought Hot Rod a 5x7 autographed photo of Nick. For real. the kid really is his little brother.

So, now Hot Rod has another Twin to replace Torii Hunter. He is already a Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau fan. Now, he is a big Blackburn fan, too.

It is a small, small world, isn't it? My hubby is in St. Cloud, Minn., this week. I interviewed a lady from Clear Lake, Minn., (not too far from St. Cloud) and mentioned that my hubby was there this week staying with family. Turns out that the aunt and uncle my husband is staying with are long time friends with this lady I interviewed. Gees. Small world.


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