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Pink bows

You know, there are moments when I feel really sorry for myself. Stupid stresses and the daily grind of life gets me down from time to time.

Then, I hear about other people and the shit they have to deal with. A gal at Sonic the other day told me about her sister getting caught in a wind storm last week. While trying to get inside, the wind knocked her forward and she tripped over something, breaking both of her arms. No driving, no doing much of anything. And, here I am freaking over a small leg cast.

Last night, my mom told me about a little girl named Jessie. This poor baby has Rasmussen's Encephalitis, which is a brain disorder. She had surgery in Baltimore Wednesday to remove one-half of her brain - the only treatment for the disorder.

God love her and her family. I can't imagine what they all must be going through. The little town she's from, Aledo, is in the Fort Worth area. I grew up playing the Bearcats in many sporting events. The town has grown alot since I was a kid. Anyway. Jessie's neighborhood has put pink ribbons around trees and pink bows around town as a reminder to pray for her.


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