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I need to wash now

I think I need to scrub the willies off my skin right now. I love this picture that Uzz shot of Pickle a few weeks ago. Gees, the child is growing up right under my nose. Last night, I was talking to my best friend from childhood and she was remarking at how grown up and handsome the boy has gotten. (I emailed her this pic.) Apparently, her 14-year-old walked by and saw the picture and said "Is that Pickle? He's really cute now."


He went to Water Works (the local water park) tonight with the boy next door and Pickle was regaling me with tales of two girls following him around telling him how cute his Spongebob swim trunks are. He said "they kept giggling and following me around." Then, he walked off shaking his head, like he just couldn't understand them. Aw gees, it has already started - he is THAT guy. The cute one who is so totally oblivious. Oh, and he's going to a church lock-in Friday night with his girlfriend and her youth group. Yikes.


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