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Land of 10,000 Lakes

Well, now that I have Internet access at the house again, I can actually post some photos. These are from AoD's trip to Minnesota week or so ago. This one is our adorable nephew with AoD.
And, our gorgeous adorable bright sweet little niece with Grandpa (my FIL). She is something else. So adorable and so verbal. AoD said she pulled up a chair by her mom and said "How was your week?" She just turned 3!!!
AoD and his sister and her husband and the kids. These folks are Little Bit's godparents, too. Don't they all look happy? It was as great chance for AoD to see them. They live in Atlanta, but travelled to Minnesota for a day that overlapped AoD's and my FIL's trip.
Army of Dad caught a big one. LOL. Actually, for his birthday, his dad took him on a guided fishing trip on Lake Mille Lacs.

Having a beer with his dad.
Dinner with his other grandma, his uncle, aunt, cousin and her boyfriend. Too much fun to be had with all that family around. I am glad he's home, though. He probably needed that break from life here. Plus, he was able to help his paternal grandparents some as they prepare to move from their home to a retirement community.


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